Available Kittens

On Feb 22, 12017, Bonnie delivered 4 kittens fathered by Flash: 2 boys & 2 girls. 

It looks like a couple may be seal mink but the one on the right is definitely a seal lynx.  Good girl, Bonnie.

Born to Charlie and Aurelia, one BIG boy on Feb. 26. He is staying here. Lucky me.

Papillon delivered 6 kittens on 3/12/17, 3 boys and 3 girls, compliments of Henry. In the individual photos they are 18 days days old. 

Yes, well there were 6 kittens in this large condo, 2 girls and 4 boys and Eleanor wouldn't let me see them. After 2 weeks I finally got a chance to photograph them. But Eleanor was not happy. Henry, the dad, didn't mind at all. 

It's been raining kittens at Anjou

Above, at 26 days. I am beyond thrilled. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you Aurelia. And thanks to the gods of cat breeding. Oh--his page is Pepin Fitzcharlie

Above are the boys. You can see why there aren't any left.

And the girls are equally fetching. Still a little shy, as you can see.

And all of the kittens have been promised