Available Kittens 

Spot and Charlie produced one kitten on August 29th. He's 7 1/2 weeks old below. He is going to live with Nicole's family.

Yellow Collar girl at 3 weeks. Available as pet or show/breeder.

Priscilla & Henry

On June 4, Priscilla gave birth to 4 gorgeous kittens 2 boys and 2 girls.

Sweetheart and Magnus Effect

Wonderful girl kitten born June 9th. 

Sweetheart had a bit of a meltdown and Priscilla is fostering her baby so she's now caring for 5 kittens

Blue Collar Boy at 11 days. 

All of these kittens have been promised

Black Collar Boy at 11 days

Grey Collar Girl at 11 days

Sweetheart's girl at 6 days. 

And here he is at 6 weeks. How about those rosettes.

And here he is at 6 weeks, refusing to sit still for his picture.

And at 6 weeks.

Yellow Collar Girl at 11 days

And at 6 weeks. She was too busy exploring to let me get her other side but it's just as pretty.

Sweetheart's snow marble girl at about 7 weeks. As she matures her pattern will get darker and will "open up."

And at 6 weeks.

Coeur & Charlie

On August 2, Coeur presented us with 3 kittens, compliments of Charlie. Looks like 2 boys (one brown, one white) and one snow girl. The snow girl is promised.