Available Kittens

Papillon rescuing her boy from the photoshoot

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Born July 30, to Hot Flash and Charlie

Hot Flash & kittens at 5 days

On August 1, Beauty and FIash had 6 kittens, 4 girls and 2 boys. I noticed she was unsettled; 2 days later #7 appeared, another little girl. Good girl, Beauty. All of the kittens are available and look like they'll be show quality.

Beauty & Flash

Polly & Charlie

Polly and Charlie had a wonderful affair and look what happened: 4 boys and 1 girl (I think) born August 7. Good girl Polly. You knew just what to do.

Red Collar girl at 12 days of age. Beautiful rosettes.

Yellow Collar girl at 12 days. More rosettes.

Little Green Collar girl at 12 days. Just watch--her pattern's going to be gorgeous

Black Collar girl was sleeping. She's 12 days old here.

Well it turns out Blue Collar Girl is really Blue Collar Boy and the confusion was mine, not his.

Purple Collar boy at 12 days. He's going to be a head turner. And he's the biggest in the litter.

Grey Collar boy at 12 days. Very dramatic markings

Charlie and Hot Flash's Red Collar girl at 15 days, the biggest in the litter. I think she's staying here. You can see why.

What a wonderful surprise, a snow boy. I wish I had room for him. He's going to live with Lisa.

And this little boy is going to live with  Ryan and her other Anjou kitten. Lucky boy.

Hot Flash & Charlie

Polly & Charlie's only girl. She's 9 days old here and she's going to live with Pat.

Yellow Collar Boy at 9 days. Available

Green Collar Boy at 9 days. Available

Red Collar Boy. He hasn't quite mastered the eye thing yet but he's working on it. Available.

Black Collar boy is in no hurry to see the world. Just a couple more days. Keep at it little guy. Available.