Available Kittens

Three girls and a boy were born to Beauty on August 20, courtesy of Flash.  They are all promised

The Boy at 9 days. Typical highly contrasted pattern of Beauty's kittens

Yellow Collar girl at 9 days. She's rosetting and I think I see glitter. Oh--and she's beginning to open her eyes. Good girl.

Green Collar girl at 9 days. A Hot Flash lookalike

Red Collar girl has one eye open--keep up the good work

Here he is at 4 weeks. He is going to live in Massachussets with Lillian and her family.

Yellow Collar girl at 4 weeks. She is going to live in New York with Ryan.

And here she is at 4 weeks, both eyes open. She is going to live with Gary.

Pretty Green Collar at 4 weeks. She is going to live with Hussein.

Lovely Papillon and Henry had 3 kittens, delivered by Caesarian, on September 6th, 2 girls and a boy. My heart is a little broken because she needed to be spayed.   But wait!! One of the girls will stay here.

Papillon's boy at 4 days. 

Eleanor and Henry's kittens were born Sept. 2, two boys and a girl. As you know, Eleanor is a bit possessive at first and insists on this somewhat crowded condo. Clearly, one kitten prefers more room. Eleanor's not having it. More photos when she calms down.

Eleanor's Boy 1 at 8 days. He is going to live with Josh and Stephanie

Eleanor's boy 2 at 8 days. Available

Eleanor's little girl at 8 days. Available.

Papillon's girl 1 at 4 days.

Papillon's girl 2 at 4 days.

And at 12 days

And at 12 days

And at 12 days. I think he'll be big and look like Henry. He is going to live with David and Ivette