Available Kittens 

Spot and Charlie produced one kitten on August 29th. He's 7 1/2 weeks old below. He is going to live with Nicole's family.

Yellow Collar girl at 3 weeks. Available as pet or show/breeder.

Priscilla & Henry

Five healthy kittens born December 8th. All are promised

Looks like 4 girls and 1 boy. One day old above.

Blue Collar Boy. He is going to live with De'Anna. Oops--he turned out to be a girl

Red Collar Boy. He is promised.

Black Collar girl at 7 weeks. She's found a wonderful home.

Yellow Collar girl. She is promised.

Purple Collar Girl. Promised.

Photos below taken at 11 days

On February 6, Coeur and Charlie became parents. Three snows and one brown--all spotted, all girls. I think I'll keep one.

Coeur & Charlie