Available Kittens

Papillon rescuing her boy from the photoshoot

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Born July 30, compliments of Charlie

On August 1, Beauty and FIash had 6 kittens, 3 girls and 3 boys. I noticed she was unsettled; 2 days later #7 appeared, another little girl. Good girl, Beauty. All of the kittens are available and look like they'll be show quality.

Beauty & Flash

Polly & Charlie

Polly and Charlie had a wonderful affair and look what happened: 4 boys and 1 girl born August 7. Good girl Polly. You knew just what to do.

Yellow Collar girl at 12 days.  (top) and at 4 weeks 

Charlie and Hot Flash's Red Collar girl at 15 days, the biggest in the litter. I think she's staying here. You can see why.

What a wonderful surprise, a snow boy. I wish I had room for him. He's going to live with Lisa.

Hot Flash & Charlie

Huh? What happened? Spot with her 5 kittens, conceived after sneaking into Pepin's cage. Let that be a lesson to you Spot. Born August 21, looks like 3 boys and 2 girls but I could be wrong. Below, at 11 days

Sunrise is 8 months old and just gorgeous. She's glittered and silky--a truly beautiful marble seal lynx girl. Her eyes will stay blue. She's already spayed..

Yellow Collar boy at 19 days. He didn't want his picture taken but he let me. Available

Green Collar boy at 19 days. Beautiful silky clear coat. He's going to live in New York with Ryan.

Red Collar boy at 19 days. Wonderful clear coat. Available.

Pepin & Spot

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Spot and Pepin's Yellow Collar boy seeing the world for the first time.  Good boy. Available

Blue Collar boy hasn't quite got the eye thing mastered but he's working on it. Available

Red Collar girl is almost there with the eyes. Keep at it little one. Available.

Green Collar girl wants to wait another day to see. That's OK. There's no hurry. Available.

Wow--Purple Collar is looking all over now. Available

And at 7 weeks. Still golden. Available.

And at 7 weeks. Much more golden than the photo. Available

And at 7 weeks. Wonderful contrast & rosettes. Available.

Black Collar girl at 12 days old & at 4 weeks.

And here he is at 7 weeks. He is going to live with Igor

Black Collar boy was the smallest but as you can see he's no runt. I love his profile. He's available

Polly & Charlie's only girl at 19 days. She's going to live with Pat

Grey Collar boy at 12 days and at 4 weeks. 

Red Collar girl at 12 days (top) and 4 wks (bottom.)

Well it turns out Blue Collar Girl is really Blue Collar Boy and the confusion was mine, not his. 

And here she is at 7 weeks. Available. 

And at 7 weeks. Very rosetted. Available.

And at 7 weeks. Available

Purple Collar boy at 12 days.  (top) and at 4 weeks 

Green Collar girl at 12 days (top) and at 4 weeks..