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Anjou Hot Flash.

I'm not satisfied so it's back to "in progress."

The first study in my art class. A gift to daughter Lisa.

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Practicing painting lemons. A gift to son Richard, in gratitude for his help.

The Matterhorn. For my mountain-climbing son, Jim.

Another study from the art class. A gift to son Jeff.



Paintings: Other

Paintings: The Cats

Another study...see why I love this class? This one's mine--it's hanging in the kitchen.

Most below are studies from the art class.

Staying mostly home, inspired by my sister Linda Scherzer, I signed up for a class on Zoom with Oscar Peterson from Hunterdon Art Museum so that I could learn to paint pictures of my cats. You might want to join us.

Oscar Peterson link

Hunterdon Museum Link

From the 1980s. I can't remember why I stopped.

Below, works in progress. Oscar eschews finishing--calls it the "F" word

Above is a study in warm and cool colors, an exercise preparing us for another two paintings.

Another study.

From class--waiting for me to pick it up again.

St. Croix, USVI. A woman sat behind the window selling lemons. She graciously agreed to let me take the photograph.

I hope you can tell that this is an onion. I love the colors in onions.

Anjou Hot Flash