Anjou Milady Mary Queena Spots

Spot at 3 1/2 weeks

Above is a photo of the agility course at Meet The Breeds 2018 in which Polly (5 months) and Spot (4 months) won second and third places respectively. It looked as if they'd been doing agility all of their short lives but this was their first exposure. 

Above, Spot at 4 months. Quite a troublemaker, this one.

Spot in her first show. She wasn't very happy but Elektra Hammond brought her out of her funk and voila!  A final! Good girl Spot (Thank you, Elektra.)

Spot snuck into Pepin's cage one night and look what happened. 5 kittens born August 21.

                      Spot's Pedigree

Anjou Milady Mary Queena Spots at 6 months

Spot tested negative for HCM in  5/2019 by Dr Carl Sammarco, BVCc, MRCVS, ACVIM (cardiology) at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital