Stayin' Alive

Things don't always work out the way we'd like. Sometimes a kitten is born with something wrong. Usually these kittens don't survive and I expected that would be the case with this little guy. I thought he had a liver shunt and would sinply fade. But in the 10 weeks since his birth, he's gained weight, however slowly. His litter mates weigh about 3 pounds and he weighs 13 ounces. His walk is a little strange and he orients a bit to one side. I am thinking now of a neurological defect, possibly from birth trauma. The vet and I are planning blood work when he's big enough for us to get some. We're watching him and I thought maybe you'd like to watch him too.

He's a bit of an isolate but he comes running when I enter the barn. Above you can see the difference in size between him and his litter mates. They'll cuddle with him but they don't play with him.

He shows some interest in toys and was quite curious about the environment for the photo shoot. He's really sweet.