Artist Knox Martin with Penny, his first Anjou cat. Penny was so wonderful, Knox then got Boy

These photos of Anjou Jolie Papillon at 2 months old were taken by Holly Andres for Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Lucas's boys



Jaida & Zidane


Endless possibilities for a Bengal living in an artist's studio. Jon's Boy

Alison's Pepsi

Anjou Hamish, with dear friend Susannah's granddaughter. He is a constant source of amusement

I don't remember what we were celebrating but that's me with the cat.

As many of you know, Eleanor is quite possessive of her kittens at first and she gave birth in this rather small condo. One kitten took issue with Mum's plan. As you can see, Eleanor wasn't having it

I love this picture. Paplillon rescuing her kitten from a photoshoot.

Fun Stuff & Cats in Their New Homes

Anjou Titus. I've been watching him grow but had no idea he weighed 18 lbs. He is with Ralph, his owner

Another photo by Igor Balon.

Ellie with Hot Flash's kittens. She chose Yellow Collar (on her right knee) soon to be called Lily.



Orpheus & Bonnie



Pixie (above & below)

Angelica--being a Bengal

Photos of Papillon by Holly Andres for Saks Fifth Avenue


If you saw Animal Planet's "Too Cute," this now 19-pound cat was "Winston." Today he's Mowgli, living happily with Yvonne.

Cleocatra, above, joined Adam's family, below, because one Bengal wasn't enough.

Cleocatra and friend, again.