Available Kittens, Brown

On February 29th Beauty and Henry produced 4 kittens, all brown spotted, 3 girls and a boy. Only one girl left.

Grey Collar girl at 14 days.

Beauty and Henry,February 29th

Foxy and Henry, March 17th

Blue Collar boy at 13 days.

Grey Collar girl at 13 weeks. You can see in the above headshots that the correction was a total success. She is now available.

Blue Collar boy at almost 11 weeks. He has a heart murmur and will be checked by a cardiologist (Dr. Sammarco) before he will be available. The most active and the biggest in the litter, I'll know more toward the end of June. He is one wonderful boy!

Grey Collar girl at 12 weeks. The eye on the right had a cherry eye & was corrected by Dr. William Pittman.