More Fun Stuff

Ryan's new boy

Ryan's two Anjou cats


Gucci (of course!)

Captain Keyes again

Angelica helping with spring cleaning

Spot and Coeur at Meet the Breeds, 2018

Captain Keyes--finally

Jasper had a birthday. Honestly, I love breeding cats

Jasper, Christmas 2018

Beautiful Anya

Above, beautiful Miss Scarlet.

Above four, Loki in his new home.

Cavalli being a Bengal

Ben's cats. Every other cat is an Anjou cat.

Sashi mauling Michi

Igor Balon's Simba, now 8 years old. One serious cat.


Cele and Maggie. I don't know who's who.

Haku in his new home

This was Hot Flash's Red Collar girl. Not sure of her name now but she's in her new home with Albert.

Bonnie and Orpheus.


Winston, above, clearly being loved.

For those of you who are new at this--managing Christmas with a Bengal. Jasper's a handful.

Three photos of Leo in his new home. Love.


Mia again and again. This girl gets around

Luna Bella

Bombora again

Sometimes I download photos on my desktop and they sit awhile and I forget who the kitten is. Above, some of those times. I'm sorry. But the photos are so sweet they need to be here.


Sparticus. He'll grow into the name.

John Z's cat

Winston celebrating Valentine's Day

Reina, in her new home.

Kim, and her new home loves her.

Kim, loving her new home.

Nemo, settling in.

Bo. Doesn't she look like a Bo?



        Zeek and friend

        Zeek and other friend



Binx on his way to his new home.


Zucca again.

Toro, first day in his new home. Planning to be friends with Tartare.


Zucca again

Mizingo, Mr. Cool.

Winston, 2021 version.

Oliver, being a Bengal.

Nemo, July 2021.

Suki: surprised, tearing up the place & sleeping

Elora's wonderful kitten.




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