Available Kittens, Snows

Flash and Coeur will be together again in February and THIS time I'm keeping one of the kittens

Coeur had 5 kittens by Flash in the wee small hours of April 5th, 4 boys and one girl. They are a few hours old here.

And here they are at 9 days. Their eyes will open soon. Looks like 3 spotted and 2 marbles.

Coeur's marble boy 1 at 22 days. This pattern will open up and he'll be gorgeous. Available.

Coeur's Marble boy 2 at 22 days. He could surprise you.

Coeur's Blue Collar spotted boy at 22 days. He is going to live with Frank.

Coeur's spotted boy 2 at 22 days He and Polly's boy are going to live with Tara.

Coeur's girl at 22 days. On hold.

Coeur's girl at almost 6 weeks. Still on hold but it could change.

Marble Boy 2 at almost 6 weeks. His pattern is opening up and he is SO silky.

Here he is at almost 6 weeks. Well I told you so. Available.

This is Coeur's second litter and both of her litters have weaned themselves with no trouble and also learned litter box habits right away with no "accidents." They are a breeder's dream.